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Yorktown Colonial Historical Blend 1 lb bag


Yorktown Colonial Historical Blend is a unique blend of coffee beans that is based on the coffee varietals were available in America at the time of the Revolutionary War.

In the 18th Century, British Tea was still the drink of choice in America. After The Boston Tea Party in 1773 when American Colonists dumped tea in the harbor in defiance of British taxes, and Colonists in Yorktown did the same the following year, coffee became the drink of true Patriots. A formidable group of revolutionaries, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John and Sam Adams and others, met in a coffee house to create a vision of American Independence. Coffee quickly replaced tea as an important way to show support for the coming Revolution.

Mobjack Bay Coffee Roasters proudly roasts their coffees in one of the original seven buildings still standing from before the Revolutionary War, the Cole Digges House, c 1720, Historic Yorktown Village, right where Americans won our independence.