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Meet the Family


Mobjack Coffee Roasters was born in Virginia in 2007 and is lovingly cultivated by owners, Celeste and Jo Gucanac.  

 Celeste and Jo pride themselves on providing exceptional quality products and experiences for their customers to enjoy. They purchase from small plantations with specific certifications and create unique roasting profiles to bring out the very best flavors in the beans they purchase. Their coffees are roasted weekly. They believe you shouldn't drink coffee just to drink it...you should drink coffee to love it.

Their Petite Cafe that compliments their Roastery is a unique and charming way to experience Historic Yorktown Village. After many recreations over the last 289 years, Celeste and Jo have returned the Historic Cole Digges House to part of its Colonial heritage as a coffee and tea house.


“We strive to connect the things we are passionate about in life to our daily activities. Our customers can experience our coffee and cafe as a complete realization of our passions."

Celeste and Jo and their three children give their time, energy and a portion of their profits to preserve and restore the Historic Cole Digges House in Colonial National Historical Park, where Mobjack Coffee is located. They are also the only business in the area certified and permitted to offer Professional Historian led tours in the National Park and Battlefields.


Mobjack Coffee Roasters remains focused on living a life that embraces a love for very good coffee, the water, American history and supporting their community. They plan and orchestrate local clean up projects and support local organizations in their outreach programs.





Contact Celeste if you are interested in learning more.