How To Brew The Perfect Cup

You could say we've brewed our fair share of coffee! That's why we know a few of the details that make for brewing the perfect cup at home, your office or while on the road. Follow these tips and tricks - time tested by us - to brew the perfect cup of coffee. 

Water: Filtered or spring water will make the best coffee. Tap water tends to have fluoride and chlorine added that can foul the taste. Distilled water is not recommended.

Temperature: Coffee should be brewed with 200-degree water, most home brewers do not reach that temperature, but you can still have a great cup at home. It is possible to burn your coffee. Make sure if you are heating the water on the stove that it isn’t boiling, this scorches the grounds and results in a burnt flavor. Catching the water just before the boil, or allowing the water to cool off of a rolling boil is best.

Grind Size: For home brewers it is best to use the “Drip” grind, for Espresso use “Fine or Espresso Grind” and for French Press use “Course Grind”. The faster the brewing method, the finer the grind. Burr grinders will grind the beans evenly; blade grinders chop up the beans making an inconsistent grind. This means the water can over extract from some of the grounds and under extract from others, making an inconsistent tasting cup of coffee that can also be bitter. If your coffee tastes bitter, add MORE coffee, and make sure your grind level isn’t too fine.

Quality of the Coffee: A good cup of coffee requires using the finest roasted beans. Premium, Arabica beans will provide the best cup of coffee for you. We use only top quality, premium, Certified Rainforest Alliance beans from the finest estates in the world. Many of our coffees are Source Certified Organic.

The Roaster: Some coffee houses roast many of their coffees to the darkest roast level, French Roast. This hides the lack of flavor from lower quality beans and creates a dark, roasted flavor with little dimension. Also, if you put a handful in your hand and you will see dark beans with bits and pieces of beans. (A telltale sign of low quality beans.) Our coffee is roasted by our Master Roaster, carefully timed and documented which insures consistent roasts week after week. No guessing is involved. No throwing the beans in the roaster and ignoring them. We create roast profiles to bring out the most desirable flavors in the coffee. Very rarely do we bring our coffees to a French Roast level. Much like over cooking an expensive steak, our beans are so high quality, we do not over roast them.

Brewers: Keep your brewer and pot clean. Soak pots overnight with a few scoops of baking soda and hot water, rinse well. Periodically clean the brewer by brewing a mixture of vinegar and water a couple times. This will keep them clean and running smoothly.