Deadrise Blend




What drew me to it initially was the unusual logo; a skeleton holding a cup of coffee on a boat. After looking at it more closely, I started to understand what it was about… the coffee that spoke to me. It was the name: Deadrise. It reminded me of how I often felt in the morning, half-dead as I rose from my bed. With the added phrase “Strong enough to wake the dead”, there was no way I could pass up on this blend of coffee. Having now tried it for myself, I can almost certainly agree that the flavor of Deadrise is more than strong enough to jolt me awake in the morning. The Deadrise Blend is now my go-to cup of coffee.

The name of the blend refers to the Chesapeake Bay commercial fishing boats known as Deadrise Workboats (fun fact: it is the official boat of the Commonwealth of Virginia). Unlike other boats, the Deadrise Workboat has a special V shape design for the bottom of its hull. This allows Deadrise boats to not only be useful in shallow water, but extremely stable in rough waters. For commercial fishers, a Deadrise boat is not some toy or casual plaything; it is the fishing boat of choice.

            It is then no surprise that I find that the Deadrise Blend is aptly named. The well balanced flavor is one that a coffee aficionado can appreciate. It isn’t a flavor to take lightly. This dark roast coffee flavor is strong and has quite a kick to it, perhaps restricting the blend to the hardcore coffee goers of the world. If you’re like me and love strong blends however, you’ll find much like the Deadrise boat this blend is named after, there is simply no substitute. For the individual who wants intense coffee taste, strong tobacco notes, and deep balanced flavor, this is the blend for you.